Blaze (2005 - July 20, 2015)

updated July, 2015

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Hi.  I'm Blaze, and the left picture above is of me as a little puppy.  I grew a lot bigger and you can see the modern mature me in the second picture.  I was a real pain for a while, and refused to stop barking at the UPS man.    But I was a great retreiver, and could chase and retrieve a ball over and over until I could not move anymore.  At first I hated when people paid more attention to my brother Taz just because he was little and cute, but I got over it, and I kind of liked him myself.  But I always stuck my nose in to make sure they petted me just as much as they petted him!

One of the highlights of my first year was a visit to Stamford when I got to go swimming - wow was that fun.  I'm not sure everybody else thought so, but I sure did!  Check out the photos.  They wouldn't let me into their kayak.  Later they wouldn't even let me in the water because I would get all muddy and then run into the house.  Maybe they forgot that I was a dog - what did they expect?


Check out the winter shot of me below from early 2010.  Didn't I look like one of my ancestor wolves?  I bet the Big Bad Wolf is back there in my ancestry somewhere.  Maybe that explains why I was the way I was.  But at least I knew I was a good boy.  That's what really mattered!

Anyway, in early 2015 I got pretty sick, and my family did a great job of taking care of me.  They gave me pills to control the pain, and I kept waggling my tail right up until it was time to go to doggie heaven.  I'm now here with my cousin Charlie who has been here for five years, and he is showing me around.  We plan to have a great time now that we are together again!