Charlie  (January 31, 1997 - February 8, 2010)

updated February 2010





Well, I made it to 13 years and 8 days old - but then I got my calling from Doggie Heaven.  I couldn't stand up anymore, but I am proud to say that in my last moments at the vet when no one was looking I crawled over and stole a big bone from their display case.  They let me eat it, so I was happy.

I had a great life, and many play dates with my cousins Blaze, Taz, and Mugsy. 

One time I spent a few days at Blaze and Taz’s house.  Their mommy, Samn, had obviously forgotten how much I love to eat.  Don’t forget to ask her how many boxes of Girl Scout Thin mints I ate – I think it should be in the Guinness Book of records.

Mugsy came here to stay when BJ and Amanda had to go away for the weekend  - he was really active and after he went home, I tended to spend a few days taking a lot of naps.

I had a special visitor at the Waldarry Festival in 2009.  Shelby Johnson came all the way from Pittsburgh with her Mom and Dad, Leslie and Casey.  We loved to go outside together and I even took her for a walk (don't we look great?).

Well, now that I'm gone please just remember me well.  It was a great run!