Chili  (born August 8, 2010)

updated June 2016





Hi.  My name is Chilcoot, but I am usually simply called Chili.   I am named after the Chilcoot Trail on Mount Madonna at Smuggler's Notch, a favorite run of my family.  I was born August 8, 2010 at Cirius Kennels in Stormville, New York, the ninth of ten puppies born to Candy and Boomer.  I used to be a fun loving little boy puppy.  Now I am a middle-aged pain in the butt.  I like to whine a lot, always want to eat, and am always on the wrong side of any door.   But of course I am still lovable.  I enjoy running around in the backyard, lying down and watching TV with my family, and licking peanut butter stuffed into a big bone.  I always look forward to the annual Waldarry Festival when I can scamper around the backyard looking for any food that drops to the ground - or dare I say lies exposed on a low table?  Yup, while I am lovable, I am a little bit of a bad doggie.  Maybe I'll mature one day - we'll see.